10 Ways to Prepare Your House for Winter.

The holiday season is upon us and neighborhoods everywhere are aglow with festive lights and decorations. But as you deck the halls and prepare to hunker down for the colder months ahead, don’t forget to get your home winter-ready.

Here are 10 simple tasks to help ensure that the increased time you spend indoors is both safe and comfortable.

  1. Clean your dryer vent to help prevent lint build-up that can start a house fire.
  2. Insulate water pipes with foam or electrical duct tape to help protect them freezing, cracking, and spilling their contents.
  3. Check all electrical cords for any sign of frayed or cracked wiring. More home fires occur during the winter months than any other time of year.
  4. Clean or replace your furnace filter every 6-8 weeks, to help keep your home dust- and allergen-free.
  5. Empty your kitchen cupboards and drawers and wipe down the insides with a damp cloth. Use this opportunity to toss any food items that may have expired.
  6. Dust your ceiling fan blades, and set your fan to run in reverse. This helps push warm air down where you need it most while cutting back on your energy costs.
  7. Vacuum behind your refrigerator and check for any signs of a water leak. A water stain on your floor or molding could indicate that water is leaked into your floorboards behind, and that can introduce problems like mold growth and floor or ceiling rot.
  8. Winterize your front entry by placing a rough mat outside for wiping off snow and mud, and an absorbent one inside to soak up moisture. Consider adding a boot tray to further simplify your house cleaning regimen.
  9. Check your firewood supply and restock if needed. If you use your fireplace a lot, you should have it professionally cleaned once a year to remove creosote from inside the chimney. Creosote can catch fire.
  10. Keep shades and other window treatments open during the day on sun-facing walls. That allows your home to warm up while further reducing energy costs. Once dusk falls, close the window treatments to retain the added heat.

You know what else can help you prevent winter-time problems? A new or updated security system complete with video cameras and remote Wi-Fi access to them even when you’re away from home. The problems are those you can prevent. The second best are those you catch quickly and put a stop to. For more information or a free in-home consultation and proposal, contact Now Security Systems today.