5 Habits Worth Breaking

Habits are often difficult to form, but even more difficult to break. Especially if it’s one that makes you comfortable or happy – like that midnight craving for chocolate cake that isn’t such a smart idea, but then, there’s always tomorrow! Bad habits, as you know, can be bad not just for your waist-line, but bottom-line, health, productivity, and more.

Here are 5 home-owner habits you should consider breaking now – as appropriate – to help keep your home in top-top shape and keep more money in your pocket.

  1. Showering Without Limits – Standing in a steamy shower might be a great way to let all the day’s stress melt away, but doing so without proper ventilation can encourage mold and mildew growth. Always run the exhaust fan while bathing or showering, or crack open a window, squeegee the walls when you’re done, and thoroughly scrub tile grout every month or as needed.
  2. Shutting Out the Sun – During the winter months, we tend to look for ways to reduce our heating costs. But shutting your shades or draperies isn’t one of them. A sunny window can warm your home and significantly lower your heating costs. The time to close your window treatments is after the sun goes down to help retain much of the heat you gained during the day.
  3. Loving a Bargain Too Much – While shopping around for a deal is a great way to save money, being too thrifty can hurt you in the long run. When hiring contractors for work in and around your home, don’t necessarily go with the cheapest quote. Whoever you hire, make sure they account for all materials and permits needed. Always check that they are licensed and insured, as needed, so you and your home are protected should something go wrong. Also, ask for references from previous customers and check out their online reviews.
  4. Running on Half-Empty – It’s common practice in Connecticut homes to run the dishwasher before going to bed and to empty it the next morning. The question is, are you using that dishwasher to its full potential? You see, whether you wash 2 dishes or twenty, most dishwashers use the same amount of water and energy to clean them. So, before you hit that start button, make sure it’s completely full.
  5. Jumping into Demo Mode – If you’ve just moved into your home or are about to undertake a remodeling project, you might be tempted to break out the sledgehammer and start renovations right away. Experience shows, however, that you’re far less likely to make mistakes and incur cost overruns if you take your time carefully planning out the project in advance. And that’s especially true if you plan to employ outside assistance for one or more aspects of the project.

Speaking of planning and not always going with the lowest bid, the same holds true when it comes choosing a home security company. For example, the best deal in the world on equipment won’t do you any good if the provider offers a substandard level of monitoring services. To help ensure your family’s safety, we invite you to allow us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities, including our own on-premises monitoring center. Contact Now Security Systems today to request a free and no-obligation in-home security consultation.