Customer Assurances

Switch to Now Security Systems Today, and Sleep Better Tonight.

Now Security Systems has enjoyed unprecedented growth in recent years…not from a lack of competition, though. Rather, by meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations. Just as we’re prepared to do for you.

We know, for example, that if you’re thinking about switching from one security company to another, there’s some aspect of your current provider’s service you just can’t live with anymore. We want to know exactly what that is so we can point out how our company can and will alleviate all such concerns so you can have the sense of confidence you expect from a home or commercial security system company.

Until then, here are just some of the reasons you can rest easier with Now Security Systems as your residential or commercial security provider:

  • Our staff is trained and experienced in addressing and providing solutions for any customer service need you might have. When you talk to a member of our team, it’s like talking to the president of the company.
  • Speaking of “talking to the president”, that’s something else you can do should you ever feel the need. Company president Russell Kieslich, Jr. and other members of our management team are always happy to personally assist you.
  • We have interconnected stand-by power generators to help ensure zero gaps in our home and commercial security monitoring.
  • Since home or business security risks never take a vacation, neither do we. Now Security Systems is on the job 24/7, every day of the year, without exception.

What’s more, we provide mandatory and ongoing training for all staff members in the form of refresher courses, training in products and technologies, and changes in our own operational procedures so they remain at their customer serving best. Just the way you want us to be.