Ideas for New Holiday Season Traditions

Christmas and other holiday season traditions are your proverbial two-edged sword.  Because as much as we hold time-honored traditions near to our hearts, they also have a way of overtaking the holidays, thus leaving little if any time to venture above and beyond.

So, just for the fun of it, Now Security Systems is please to share a few new holiday season traditions you might find too irresistible to pass up.

In-Home Traditions

  • Set aside one night each week to watch a holiday movie or television special, such as “Miracle on 34th Street” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”
  • Have your kids start an “I Am Thankful” list. Have them one thing each day they’re thankful for. Then store and save the list so you can add more in the coming years. Over time, it will become a cherished keepsake.
  • Purchase or make a holiday ornament for each child, each year. This is a great reason to reminisce while you’re decorating your tree or home. 

Holiday Gift Traditions

  • Are you apart of a group of yogis? Buy each other passes to local yoga classes? Well, play it forward by swapping out the passes for a new yoga mat or meditation CD.
  • Do you and friends vie for ownership of Park Place or Boardwalk? Enjoy coming up with creative descriptions for Taboo? Why not start a board game exchange? It gives you an excuse to spend more time together.
  • Gather photos from different events throughout the year and create a special page for a friend’s scrapbook. If they don’t already have one, make it part of their gift. Then every year you can add one or more new pages.

Traditions for Giving Back

  • Find a local organization that enables you to sponsor a family in need or purchase toys for children. Go shopping a family and make your donations when you’re all together.
  • Go through closets and donate gently used clothing (coats are particularly useful this time of year) to a local shelter.
  • Deliver cookies and treats to your local fire station, police department, and even the staff at your local hospital. After all, they work through the holiday and all year long to help make the world a better and safer place.

And Now for a Word of Caution

Burglars love the holiday season too, and are just waiting to pounce on any home they believe has loaded up on new and expensive items. So, do your best to hide any evidence of your purchases in the following ways:

  • Make sure your gifts aren’t visible through windows
  • Take caution with your social media posts
  • Break up any packaging and dispose of them in your recycling bin or large recyclable bag
  • Don’t run external lights through a window
  • Put your lights on a timer to help keep would-be intruders guessing

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