Carbon Monoxide Alarm Systems | Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

It’s Time to Speak Up about the Silent Killer.

Sad to say, that’s what carbon monoxide is commonly known as: the silent killer.

That’s because it’s a colorless, odorless gas that can cause a number of harmful side effects, including nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, even loss of life. Carbon monoxide is produced from combustible fuels that are burned but not properly vented from such appliances as your gas furnace, gas water heater, wood or pellet stove, and more.

If you have battery-operated CO detectors, you have a first – but not last – line of defense. That’s because battery-operated detectors don’t sound the alarm until a significant amount of carbon monoxide already has been released.carbon

That’s why we Now Security Systems offers hard-wired CO detectors as part of our home security packages. They’re designed to trigger at low levels of CO emissions…so low, in fact, that you’ll be alerted well before CO emissions can adversely affect you.    Plus, when one of your CO alarms sounds, they all sound so your whole family can be alerted for early and safe exiting.

And, of course, when CO detectors are part of your Now Security Systems package, we’re monitoring all such activity so we can appropriately assist you once carbon monoxide has been detected inside your home.

CO alarms and monitoring: a safe and logical component of any home security package. From Now Security Systems.