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The Eyes of Your Home Security System.

More and more home owners are installing video surveillance cameras in and outside their homes to beef up their security. That’s because seeing what’s going on eliminates a great deal of guesswork and adds a ton of reassurance that “all’s well.”
Once again, Now Security Systems has exactly what you need to provide your own for your own greater peace of mind.

In fact, we can design, install, and monitor a home video surveillance system to keep constant watch over your entire property, indoors and out. Equally important, today’s home video surveillance cameras are considerably more affordable and attractive than previous models.

CCTV or surveillance camera on red wall

While you undoubtedly have certain areas of your home or property you’d like to focus on, we’ll make recommendations of our own based on our vast experience in safeguarding Connecticut families like yours. Plus, we can design your system so you can see what your cameras see from any TV or computer in your home.

Away from home and still want to see what’s going on? Who doesn’t? That’s why we also provide you with remote video access from your designated laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Plus, you determine the number of times per day – and exactly when – we view what your cameras are seeing from our company monitoring station. Contact Now Security Systems today to find out how pairing video surveillance cameras with your burglar alarm system can create a heightened sense of security for every member of your family.